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Guest Accommodations

Photo © Roy Katalan

You will want all of your friends and family members to be able to attend your wedding and reception. Keep in mind that some people will be traveling long distances to be able to see you get married. As you are making all of the plans for your wedding, don't forget to plan some special activities for your out-of-town guests.

About four months before your wedding, find out how many out-of-town guests you will be expecting. You may want to reserve a block of rooms for them at a hotel that is close to the ceremony and reception sites. Talk to the hotel manager about any volume discounts that may be offered.

You may want to plan a special party for your out-of-town guests or a get-together at the hotel pool. You could also arrange for a day trip to the Toledo Zoo, Cedar Point, Put-In-Bay or the Toledo Museum of Art. You should plan some time to spend with these guests who have taken time out of their lives to travel some distance to see you get married.

It's always nice for out-of-town guests if the bride creates a special care package for them. This package could welcome them in their hotel and should include:

  • A map of the area
  • A note of welcome
  • A schedule of parties or events
  • Important names, addresses and phone numbers
  • A calendar of events going on around town for the days they are here

The guests will surely appreciate anything you do to make their stay more convenient. You might want to offer to have someone pick them up at the airport or train station. You could also rent a van, limousine, bus or trolley to transport them from the hotel to ceremony and reception. Another way to make them feel welcome is to coordinate a gathering at a friend or relative's house between the wedding and reception or after the reception.

Even though you will be busy during the week of your wedding, make sure you allot some of your time to spend with out-of-town guests. You and your fiancé are the reason for the celebration so make sure you get the opportunity to spend some time with people you haven't seen in a while.