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A ring is an everlasting symbol of your love and devotion. The wedding ring you select will be worn on your left hand for the rest of your life. Be sure to remember that this ring is forever as you begin your search for the perfect wedding band. Here are some helpful tips you may want to memorize before you make that trip to the jeweler:

  • Decide what you're looking for. Do some research both in magazines and on the Internet before you step foot in a jewelry store. Discuss the options and choices you'll be facing: What color metal are you looking for? Do you want a simple band or something more ornate? Do you want diamonds or colored gems included in the rings? Is your engagement ring part of a set?
  • Discuss how much you want to spend. Wedding bands are available in a variety of styles and colors but it may be the prices that vary the most. Make sure you and your fiancé agree on a price limit before you enter the store. This will cut down on pre-wedding arguments.
  • Make sure you give yourself enough time. Don't wait until two weeks before your wedding to start looking for rings. If you start two months before, that leaves you with enough time to find exactly what you're looking for. Engraving can also take up to one month.
  • Find a reputable jeweler. Talk to friends and family about experience they have had with buying jewelry. A jeweler should be able to educate you on types of metals, workmanship, purity and the quality of the gem. An experienced jeweler will be able to help you make the right decision for your lifestyle and budget.
  • Don't succumb to fads. Be sure you get a ring that suits your individual tastes and style but always remember that the ring you select will be on your hand when you're 55 at your own daughter's wedding and when you're 78 at your 50th anniversary. It should also be practical because you will be wearing it everyday. If your a sports fanatic, get something small and slim. If you're future-husband isn't used to wearing jewelry, try a comfort-fit ring.
  • Protect your ring. You will probably wear your ring to work, out on the town, shopping, hiking, etc. But remember to take it off when you are painting and cleaning with bleaches or concentrated chlorine. Also, get your rings insured. They are a big investment and a lost ring can be easily replaced if it is insured.

There are four factors that determine the cost and value of a ring. It's important to familiarize yourself with cut, color, clarity and carat.

The cut is the stone's actual shape and how its' facets are arranged. The perfect diamond has precisely carved facets for maximum beauty and sparkle. Some popular shapes include square-cut, marquise, oval, pear, emerald and round.

A diamond is typically magnified 10 times to determine its clarity. Diamonds of good quality won't show any signs of imperfection such as specks or bubbles. The stones with the least flaws are the most expensive.

A carat is a measure of a gemstone. Larger stones are higher in carat weight. However, just because a stone is large doesn't make it a good one. The perfect stone is big, clear and perfectly cut. Stones that weigh more than two carats are rare and can be much more expensive.

The highest quality diamonds are colorless and clear. However, colored diamonds (such as Jennifer Lopez's pink diamond) are starting to become stylish. Pink, canary yellow and blue diamonds are rare and more expensive.


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